Local Development for Drupal: Acquia Dev Desktop

Recently I had my first opportunity to work on a Drupal site. There were several fixes the site needed and since I was new to Drupal so I knew I needed to get an easy to use local development tool. Luckily, I had attended my first meeting of the Boston Drupal Group a few weeks before then.

The January Boston Drupal Meetup was held at the offices of Genuine in Boston’s South End. There was a series of lightning talks and one was about using Dockers and example of a configuration. That is when I also learned for the first time about Acquia Dev Desktop and got to hear some feedback about the product from an Acquia employee at the meeting.

When it came time to do my Drupal work I considered Dockers, Acquia Dev Desktop, and Vagrant Drupal Development. I have experience using Varying Vagrant Vagrants for local WordPress development and while it works well, it takes a little time to spin up a new installation of WordPress so I definitely knew I wanted to try something different.

Looking at the documentation for Dockers and Acquia Dev Desktop,  I decided to try Acquia Dev Desktop first. Well it turned out that it was so easy to use I was up in running almost immediately and I started working on my Drupal contract.

If you have local development to do for a Drupal site I highly recommend the easy to use Acquia Dev Desktop. Though, I’m still looking forward to trying Dockers when I get the chance.