Tech in Motion – Year End Event

Yesterday was my second visit to Hatch Fenway for Tech in Motion’s End of Year Celebration. One of my favorite parts of Hatch is decidedly low tech, the swing set! Below is a photo of the view from the swing set I took over the summer.

View of Fenway Area


Opening Presentation

First Matt Rogers of JobSpring, the event sponsor, gave a brief presentation about searching for new jobs. The talk was 4 myths of job hunting. Here is a quick summary:

  • Myth 1: You need to have all the skills listed to apply for a job. Not true. If you have at least 60% of the skills a good cover letter could help to sell you into the position. If you have 80% or more of the skills you are likely a strong candidate and the employer could teach you the rest on the job.
  • Myth 2: Job Hopping is bad. Not true. It really depends on the reason for the changes. If the reasons are valid and explainable it is likely OK. If it is about chasing an ever higher salary that could be frowned upon.
  • Myth 3: If the company has no positions on it’s website there are none available. Not true. Often 70% of tech jobs are not posted online.
  • Myth 4: If you are the top candidate for a job you can go as high as you desire in your asking salary. Not true. Matt gave an excellent summary about appropriately asking and the timing of when to ask for a higher salary.


WordStream Interview

After the words from the sponsor there was an interview with Larry Kim founder of WordStream. Larry was interview by Dylan Martin of BostInno. It was great detailed interview about the founding of WordStream.

WordStream logo

One of the great moments of the interview was when Larry started talking about the culture of the company as it began to grow. As he hired new people he wondered why after a few days they all started to show up for work in shorts and flip-flops? Then he realized that they were following his lead! This led to insight/discussion about how the culture of a startup company grows from the top and how to maintain that culture as it grows. Larry wasn’t wearing flip-flops for the interview.

The other thing I remember most from the interview is about starting out and gaining funding. When Larry went around and initially talked to venture capitalists all he had was an idea. It was a profitable idea as an independent contractor but wasn’t formulated as a business enterprise. The VCs denied him and gave a list of things to do for them to consider the business in the future for funding. Larry went and did all the things and went back a year later and the VCs where surprised! Typically people fail to follow through on the recommendations but Larry was one of the few that did and received his first round of funding. WordStream now has approximately a half-billion in annual ad spend across over ten thousand customers.

I know Larry is a hard worker, the very next day he followed me on Twitter!

Larry Kim Twitter Request


For more info about the event and detailed bios checkout the listing of the event on Meetup.

Tech in Motion’s End of Year Celebration

Thursday, Dec 8, 2016, 6:30 PM

Hatch Fenway @ Landmark Center (8th Floor – East Elevators)
401 Park Drive Boston, MA

615 Technologists Went

From autonomous vehicles and reusable rockets, to ubiquitous VR headsets and universally-popular AR games, high tech went mainstream in 2016.It’s not only SpaceX, Google, and Niantics that have challenged the status quo. It’s our local and national tech communities who are the catalysts for large-scale innovation and we’re celebrating their wins!…

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